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Welcome to Starteenlife, the home for all teenagers around the world. We believe that every teen deserves the best experience and should enjoy the transition into being young adults with a balanced approach to life.

At Starteenlife your voice is unique and heard. We carry a message of faith, hope, growth, and inspiration. Teenage years come with a lot of questions about family, friends, faith, addictions, decisions, relationships, finances and many more. StarteenLife is here to answer those questions and bridge the gap. Our passion to reach out to teenagers and see them walk through life with their heads up high.

The name StarteenLife is pronounced as Starting Life because teenagers are just Starting Life and they are bound to live a Star Teen Life too!

Some of Our Inspiring Content

There’s Light At The End of The Tunnel

The expectation everyone tends to have about you is that everything is okay. It is expected that everything is perfectly …

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Caron Butler was born March 13, 1980 in Racine, Wisconsin where he grew up with a single mom. In early …

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    It’s true that family relationships can change during adolescence. It is extremely disheartening to hear your own child …

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Hey there, You’re finally legal. I know you’ve been told by society that you can’t make certain decisions and take …

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“I don’t like it when I look at my scorecard and I see a couple of subjects I didn’t do …

I Want To Go To Bed Whenever I Want

“It’s not funny that I compulsorily have to go to bed by 9 pm after I have done my assignments, …

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  • Childrens Day is a time to look back at the
    2 months ago by starteenlife Children's Day is a time to look back at the very stage that we started from before we became teenagers. Even though we all look forward to growing older and becoming young adults, the truth is we were once children. _ And guess what? We'll always be children. Even though we have our parents, God is everyone's Daddy! He's always there for you and He'll never forget you. He loves you just like we at StarteenLife do too ❤ _ Don't forget to laugh like a child today. Happy Children's day
  • One of my greatest lessons in 2018 was to learn
    6 months ago by starteenlife One of my greatest lessons in 2018 was to learn to take responsibility for everything that concerns me. I found out that it is very easy to actually blame people, things, events and situations for outcomes that are not pleasurable. But being able to take full responsibility helps me work towards doing better and standing up again whether it truly was my fault or not. _ I learnt that it is important to rely more on internal validation than on external validation. Living a life where without people speaking to you or affirming you, nothing will be achieved is not
  • The testimonies in June were just a hint of how
    2 weeks ago by starteenlife The testimonies in June were just a hint of how the rest of the year would be for you. July will be refreshing ⛲ _ If you feel tired or stressed out, there will be seasons of refreshing for you. Bask in God's love for you this month ❤ _  #teens   #starteenlife   #refresh 
  • M A R C H !  The month of
    5 months ago by starteenlife M A R C H ! _ The month of March is an interesting month, because the name of the month itself is an advice to you. _ It's time to March on. You may already feel like the original vibe you started the year with is starting to wear out. Don't worry about that, leave your feelings and keep marching! It gets better from here. Have an amazing March in the right direction
  • J for June J for Joy!! Happy New Month family
    2 months ago by starteenlife J for June, J for Joy!! Happy New Month family. The month of June is one for Joy and Gratitude for the things God has done this year. Here are a number of things God has done for you: _ 1. He has kept you alive 2. You are hale and hearty 3. You've eaten everyday this year 4. You have your family and friends intact 5. You have a bright future ahead of you 6. God lives inside of you! 7. You are loved ❤ _ There are many things to be grateful for. Being grateful is the source
  •  Patience is not the ability to wait but the
    5 months ago by starteenlife “ Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting” -Anonymous All of us are waiting for something, believing, trusting and hoping that the things we desire will come to pass. If we could get all the answers now, we would be happy. _ But while we wait let's learn to have the best attitude in our waiting. Let's work on ourselves, our character, and our capacity. Don't stay angry and bitter that your expectations haven't happened. This week make sure that in your waiting, you are not stagnant, keep moving and
  • Heeey! Hows February going for you? Hope its been great
    5 months ago by starteenlife Heeey! How's February going for you? Hope it's been great _ Just a quick reminder for you to keep doing the right things that you are currently doing. It may seem like very little, but you are gathering momentum. Everything will amount to a greater result soon enough _ Keep soaring like an eagle, because you are Unstoppable! _  #starteenlife   #progress   #february 
  • On The Marble   Do you ever believe you
    5 months ago by starteenlife On The Marble ⭐ _ Do you ever believe you are inferior? _ Jeremiah 1:5 - “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” _ Believe it or not, and since it’s in the Bible we should believe it. God specially formed you in your mother’s womb. We can’t say that God didn’t know what He was doing or that your birth was an “accident.” No, God planned you from long ago to form you in the womb, to place you where
  • The expectation everyone tends to have about you is that
    2 months ago by starteenlife The expectation everyone tends to have about you is that everything is okay. From experience, it’s easy to know that things aren’t always as great as they look. Your parents may be having terrible arguments at home that require you settling to have some peace. _ The way nature works is that there is light during the day and there is darkness at night. The interesting thing we do whenever everywhere is dark at night is we put on the light and so even in the darkness, we have light. _ What you need to do right now in the
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