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Welcome To StarteenLife

The home of teenagers

Feel the personal experience

of being understood

Learn from those who know,

and don't figure it out on your own.

Welcome to Starteenlife, the home for all teenagers around the world. We believe that every teen deserves the best experience and should enjoy the transition into being young adults with a balanced approach to life.

At Starteenlife your voice is unique and heard. We carry a message of faith, hope, growth, and inspiration. Teenage years come with a lot of questions about family, friends, faith, addictions, decisions, relationships, finances and many more. StarteenLife is here to answer those questions and bridge the gap. Our passion to reach out to teenagers and see them walk through life with their heads up high.

The name StarteenLife is pronounced as Starting Life because teenagers are just Starting Life and they are bound to live a Star Teen Life too!

Some of Our Inspiring Content

There’s Light At The End of The Tunnel

The expectation everyone tends to have about you is that everything is okay. It is expected that everything is perfectly …

Is Change Possible? – The Life of Caron Butler

Caron Butler was born March 13, 1980 in Racine, Wisconsin where he grew up with a single mom. In early …

I’m Thirteen, Thriving &Troubled by my Parents

    It’s true that family relationships can change during adolescence. It is extremely disheartening to hear your own child …

I Am Finally 18 and Legal

Hey there, You’re finally legal. I know you’ve been told by society that you can’t make certain decisions and take …

How To Deal With Failure

“I don’t like it when I look at my scorecard and I see a couple of subjects I didn’t do …

I Want To Go To Bed Whenever I Want

“It’s not funny that I compulsorily have to go to bed by 9 pm after I have done my assignments, …

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